Up North Head

Come see Brooke Thiele’s red velvet cake hanging from a deer stand, get lost in the landscape of Tom Uttech’s paintings, be amused by the drawings of Randall Berndt, spend some time in the moonlight of David Niec’s paintings, discover the woods of Kevin Giese and the musings of Katie Musolff, along with the provocative photos of Mark Brautigam and the plein air paintings of John Riepenhoff.

Exhibition runs through December 8, 2012


Randall Berndt | Tom Uttech | Mark Brautigam
Kevin Giese | Katie Musolff
David Niec | John Riepenhoff | Brooke Thiele


Photos © Port Photos 2012 by Dan Laurence

Photos © 2012 by Travis Sternhagen



This exhibit is sponsored by Duluth Trading Co.

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