Participating Artists:
Melis Agabigum, Jamie Lea Bertsch,
Danielle Burren, Marna Goldstein Brauner,
Kyoung Ae Cho, Taylor Easton,
Brittany Ellenz, Anna Freerksen,
Jen Triolo, Maikue Vang and Sarah Westphalen


With ties to UW Milwaukee Fibers Department, a
 gathering of artists presents TACTILITY - surface / texture / process. 
In the work of a fiber artist, a single strand holds infinite possibility + the
process of making is always integral to the work. Extraordinary
methods of stitching, dying, weaving, knotting, patterning,
collecting + casting are explored through the
current show on view at Gallery 224.





Photos © 2015


“I like to mix control and spontaneity,
to leave a lot of room for improvisation and experimentation.
It’s wonderful to let your mind wander + play.”
~ Polly Apfelbaum