Poetry Workshops
Six Saturdays in January and February 2019


Led by Poets
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Responding, A Conversation in Color

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Saturday, February 23
Jenny Gropp and Laura Solomon 
Drawing from Bernadette Mayer’s writing experiments, CA Conrad’s somatic exercises, and the work of Dada and Surrealist poets, Jenny Gropp and Laura Solomon will offer a number of prompts that will defamiliarize participants from their ordinary use-relationship to language in order to rediscover the strangeness of words and tap a deeper, more imaginative realm from which to write. This workshop is well-suited for both beginning and advanced writers, and especially for writers experiencing writer’s block.

Saturday, January 19 • 10am-noon
Oody Petty and Beth Bretl

Vivid, surprising imagery can be a thrilling experience for the reader. The absence of imagery, on the other hand, can sometimes make a story or poem feel flat and distant or overly abstract. Jorie Graham says that the purpose of images is “to unify the experience of reader and writer”; it is where reader and writer “meet” on the page. Through exercises and discussion, this writing workshop will strengthen your ability to create startling, memorable imagery that elicits a sensory response and draws the reader further into your writing. Join us for a fun and exciting workshop that will sharpen the tools you need to “show not tell” in your creative writing.

Saturday, January 26
Tad Phippen Wente

In this workshop, participants will find words and inspiration in the colors around us. We will look closely at visual art, observe, list, and then re-imagine what it means to write poetry. By allowing a poem to ‘arrive’ rather than force it into structural existence or rely on emotional outpour, we will be surprised by how observations and word choice shape content, and we will find our own connections with art. We’ll close with a chance to share and celebrate our creations.

Saturday, February 2
Annie Grizzle

In this workshop, participants will focus on the deconstruction of words and poetry. The process of playing with and removing grammar to create a new sonic, rhythmic, and contextual experience. Almost akin to an inverted Mad Lib, each participant might bring a poem of their own that can then be used as the basis to create something new.

Saturday, February 9
Bethany Price

In this workshop, Bethany will lead participants through a variety of poetic prompts and exercises. With these exercises, Bethany is aiming to promote comfortablitiy with the page and give the writers tools to express themselves in ways they hadn’t thought of before. The purpose of this workshop is to draw out the poet in each and encourage it, empowering it with fresh ways of working with words.

Saturday, February 16
Sam Pekarske

This workshop will explore the boundaries of poetry as it sits on the page versus in performance by examining poets’ work in both written and spoken forms. Guests are asked to bring along previous work of their own or other poets’ work that they are fond of, as a portion of the workshop will focus on preparing and modifying page poetry for reading aloud.

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