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January 28, 2017
Photogram Workshop with Hal Rammel
10am-1pm at Studio 224

Photograms are created by placing objects on top of light sensitive paper under a direct light source such as an enlarger. These objects produce a silhouette in white on the darkened ‘exposed’ paper. This is a variety of cameraless photography that has a history beginning with the earliest photographic experiments in the early 1800s. Renewed interest in photograms began in the early 1900s when new ideas in abstract form and design took hold in all the visual arts.


Photos from this Workshop

This workshop centered on making photograms in the darkroom under an enlarger using everyday objects, scraps of paper and cloth, bits of metal and plastic, etc. Participants were able to make up to 5 photograms using 8"x10" paper or using 4"x6" postcard stock. Participants brought materials they wanted to use in their photograms. These materials were small enough in dimension to fit within the borders of 8"x10" or 4"x6" photographic paper.

No prior darkroom experience was required. This workshop was open to all ages however children were to be accompanied by an adult.

Tuition Cost was $25 for adults, FREE for adults volunteering at Gallery 224 for a minimum of two hours or FREE for students with a valid ID.