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Early Work... Again
December 1 thru December 16, 2017

Photography by students in introductory and intermediate classes at UW Sheboygan, UW Manitowoc and UW Washington County. This show was curated by Berel Lutsky.

From the Studio
September 29 thru November 18, 2017

An Exhibition at Gallery 224 featuring the artwork of the Staff and Artists in Residence at Studio 224: Angela Johnson, Carolyn Knorr, Gina Litherland, Cynthia Lorenz, Berel Lutsky, Patricia Bertha Mattingly, Barbara Jean McHugh, F. Martin Morante, Dave Niec, Barbara Olson, Hal Rammel, Vicki Reed, Nicole Shaver, Amy Stocklein and Pamela Strohl.

Close to Home
June 16 thru August 27, 2017

Three artist pairings created stunning results in this summer show, featuring the early paintings of Shirley Schanen Gruen and photographs of her studio by Kevin Miyazaki. Also featured, were sculptures by Chris Hewitt with photographs by Pamela Strohl and sculptures by Susan Falkman with photographs by Vicki Reed.

Emerging 2017
May 12 thru May 27, 2017

The Port Washington High School Honors Art Show offered some pretty impressive art from these emerging artists.

Letters from Sassnitz
March 24 thru April 29, 2017

This show was put together to create greater awareness of the “Sister City” relationship between Port Washington and Sassnitz, Germany. Local photographers submitted more personal photos of what Port Washington means to them. The show will travel to Sassnitz, Germany this summer to share these “personal glimpses” of Port Washington with the people of Sassnitz. Sassnitz will return the favor this summer.

Drawing Attention
January 13 thru March 4, 2017

Featured artists: Sally Duback, Nina Ghanbarzadeh, Matthew Warren Lee, Cynthia Lorenz, Jared Patton Plock and Ryan Woolgar. Each shared their love of drawing, the techniques they use and what inspires them in separate artist talks and demonstrations.

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