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This show is the result of a conversation between Port Washington, Wisconsin, Sassnitz, Germany, and Gallery 224. The concept is to create greater awareness of the “Sister City” relationship between Port Washington and Sassnitz, Germany. The Sister City program is a nonprofit citizen diplomacy network that creates cultural partnerships between communities in the US and other countries often based on similar demographics, history and geography. Gallery 224 is proud to be part of this cultural exchange.

Local photographers were invited to submit photos that convey a personal glimpse of what Port Washington means to them. The show will travel to Sassnitz, Germany this summer to share these “personal glimpses” with the people of Sassnitz.

We are excited and pleased by the diverse and broad range of responses both in terms of the photos we received and the people who took the photos. Represented in this show are emerging as well as established photographers, high school students, families, the artists at Studio 224, and local photographer Ross Kroeger who has been to Sassnitz with camera in hand.

Studio 224 Staff
Cynthia Lorenz, Berel Lutsky, Martin Morante, Vicki Reed and Pam Strohl

Community Photographers
Eric Curtin, Ross Kroeger, Dan Laurence, Rebekah Luedcke, Daniel Micha, Cassidy Penkivech, Mary Prochazka, Annette, Shane and Miles Stimac, Anthony Shafer and Scott Symes


Photos from our Opening Reception
by Barbara Olson

Click for a slideshow, or here for a smaller file.

This exhibit continues thru April 29, 2017