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Carissa Heinrichs

My work explores the re-contextualization of place and the human interaction with the spaces one inhabits, while the individual and environment constantly reformulate one another. I am drawn to the dynamics between containment of place and the traversal through space, the duality of stable dwelling and transitory movement. This examination continues to merge with how our ever-changing relation with time and space at times intertwine and, at others, divide into extrapolated fractions.

I graduated in 2014 from Arizona State University’s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts with a BFA degree in Intermedia Art. I have spent the past year working as a fashion product photography at E-Collectique Runway Boutique, co-coordinating the Wisconsin Humanities Council grant for the new darkroom, and am currently the assistant project director to the Analog Photography: Looking Back and Looking Ahead photography program series. 

During my residency, I plan to organize and coordinate public events for the Analog Photography programs, including lectures, workshops, book discussions, film screenings, and more. I intend to continue work in alternative photographic processes on a variety of substrates and create interactive installation structures that incorporate multimedia photography and printmaking, converging a multiplicity of varying times and places.

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Carissa will be in the studio from June 2015 – May 2016.


Jake Hill

This last spring I graduated from my first undergrad and received my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. Accompanied with a minor in Art History I’ve gained such appreciation of art and its practices that it has lead me to allow photography as well as other mediums to become a method of artistic and cognitive expression.

As a contemporary photographer my work focuses on themes of suburban culture and domesticity as well as aspects of street photography and conceptuality. A consistent focus of landscape and place in my work allows me to connect topographic locations and people through an idea of time and experience. Through a combination of exterior and interior settings my work draws from an interest of people—different facets of their existence as well as the connectivity that we hold to our surroundings and with one another. Characteristics of the photographic medium along with digital processes make it possible for me to establish a link between the landscape’s reality and that imagined by its conceiver. These works focus on concrete questions that determine our existence. Drawing references from well-known photographers from the past my artistic style approaches the photograph in a homage to classical photography while implicating newer visions of light, planarity, time and existence.

While working as an artist in residence at Gallery 224 I hope to continue my practice of exploring landscape and it’s ranging themes as well as delving into the topographic and historical aspects of the Port Washington area. Specifically what types of architecture, infrastructure and agricultural adaptations that make this place what it is today.

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Jake will be in the studio September - December 2016.


F. Martin Morante

I consider myself a visual artist with roots in Graphic Arts, but with a great passion for the photographic medium, a medium I consider a constant source of learning for myself, either through its history or its different practices.

My photography is how I would describe the world if I had to write about it. With curiosity and a deep passion for visual communication, I walk around the corner of many corners of the world trying to see what's out there, recording it and sharing it here for the love of photography, people and the places and situations I have the good fortune to visit or witness.

During my time at Gallery 224 Studios I plan to work mainly on a personal project titled WISCONSIN DEAD ENDS (& Some Other Limited Landscapes), an exploration of Wisconsin's landscape, at the same time that I would like to bring my love for and knowledge in photography to share with anybody interested in learn more and help me learn more as well.

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Martin will be in the studio September – May 2016.


David Niec

Over the last thirty years, I have been routinely visiting an area of land in Northern Wisconsin, a mixture of swamp, streams, lakes and forest. Experiencing this land under various times of day and night throughout each season has been central to my art making process. I develop paintings in the atmosphere in response to my observations in this area.

Having regularly worked in an area outside the light of the city, I have developed a keen interest in the nocturne. I regularly observe, experience and paint the moon and stars. I’ve developed a system in which I use a small flashlight to facilitate painting. If the light is low enough, I’m able to keep my night vision. I gradually come to know these subjects more intimately and explicitly but always have the sense that there is more to unfold.

Simultaneous with a pattern of visiting this area in Northern Wisconsin, I have also been living in Milwaukee where the study of the nocturne is more challenging. However, I am also able to experience night and make paintings in the city by finding spots, usually near water, with a minimum of light pollution. The shore of Lake Michigan is one such spot.

A high percentage of my art making process involves spending time making paintings in the atmosphere. In addition, I spend a significant amount of time conjuring the memories of these explorations in a studio.                                               

David will be in the studio summer of 2016.


Jared Plock

I am a visual artist based in Milwaukee, WI.  I have a BFA in Printmaking from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and a MFA in Printmaking from Cranbrook Academy of Art. I am currently a faculty member at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, Carthage College and Parkside.

Focusing on the intersection between the drawn and the sculpted, my practice utilizes printmaking, drawing, sculpture and installation to investigate the subject/object dynamic. The blurred line between what is a painting, drawing, and sculpture is the niche where my work resides. While in residence I will further explore these themes using printmaking as a narrative form to investigate our relationships with the ordinary and commonplace.

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Jared will be in the studio January-August 2016


Stephanie Pluta

I am an emerging artist and recent graduate from The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Bachelor of Fine Art’s program, with concentrations in photography and sculpture. I have exhibited works in several galleries in my hometown of Milwaukee, including; The Hide House Creative, Usable Space Gallery, INOVA Arts Center Gallery, UWM Student Union Gallery, and The Milwaukee Art Museum.

In the spring of 2014, I assisted Magnum Photographers Jacob Aue Sobol and Alec Soth in the creation of the Postcards from America: Milwaukee exhibition at The Milwaukee Art Museum. My work is centered on fleeting moments of beauty residing within an ongoing search for identity. 

“As children, our visions of the future are ever-changing. When I was young, my imagination cycled through numerous dream careers. I never envisioned myself becoming an artist. I traveled more obvious paths and ended up feeling adrift. Yet, there was always a flutter living inside of me, something unidentifiable, urging me forward.

Eventually, I was able to identify the flutter and began chasing it. Curiosities about truths in my own life and the lives of others have always been a driving force behind my artistic process. Curiosities leading me to explorations, discoveries, documentation and reflection. Becoming a photographer has drastically changed the way I exist in the world. I have high hopes this residency will serve as a stepping stone to something even larger than I already know. “

Steph will be in the studio September-May 2016.


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