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Kelly Alexander

I am an emerging artist with a passion for printmaking. Currently I work as a Senior Admissions Counselor for the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. Keeping art and design alive is very important to me. I am surrounded by creative individuals everyday who are striving to make an impact. A community stays connected by having those creative thinkers alter the way we perceive the world.

Kelly will be in the studio January - May.

Ann Baer

Although I have been making art for a long time, I consider myself an emerging artist because my venture into sculpture is so recent. Whatever I do, I am always learning. Prior to retiring, I served as an Art Specialist with Milwaukee Public Schools for 20 years, and a Graphic Designer for 17 years. Presently I am volunteering weekly at a senior facility where I facilitate a painting class for residents with memory loss.

Ann will be involved in special projects throughout the year.

Jamie Bertsch

I am a maker. My work is motivated by an immeasurable reverence for the process of craft and the intimacy of using my hands as a tool. I love to bring new regard to age-old techniques that are steeped in nostalgia. My practice is an ongoing, ever-evolving endeavor. Often, the work is made by unraveling cherished fabrics, personal belongings, and previous artworks. I obsessively knit, sew, fold, and mend material into continuously growing works. After pursuing a BFA in Printmaking and Graphic Design at UW-Stevens Point, I continued my studies at UW-Milwaukee, receiving my MFA in Fibers. I currently teach in the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Fibers Department.

Jamie will be in the studio from September – May.
Visit Jamie's website at

Lindsay Davenport

I recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing, A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Minor in Art History My recent work is mixed media, often incorporating trash which I diligently clean and then incorporate into my pieces as a base on which to build the image.

Lindsay will be in the studio from September - January.

Chris Hewitt

Art is problem solving for me. I formulate a question and then explore ways of solving it. I enjoy the process of constructing and deconstructing things, cutting and carving wood, assembling dissimilar objects to make something new. Most of the materials I work with are found or reclaimed. Buying materials has a stifling effect on my creative process.

Chris will be involved in projects at Port Washington High school from September - May.
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Sue Lawton

After more than ten years of continuous practice post-college, I feel I have found my voice as both an artist and a writer. My focus is always a balance between “showing” and “telling”. My practice begins with simple curiosity about a place, its people, its history, and its mood.

During my residency at Gallery 224 Studios, I hope to get to know Port Washington and its connection to the Great Lakes. Having grown up in Grafton, I already have a familiarity and fondness for the town. I believe every community has its own unique stories and identity and I look forward to finding one or two during my time in Port Washington.

Sue will be in the studio from January - May.

Matthew Lee

I’m a Wisconsin born painter of landscapes, architecture, and portraits. I received my Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in 2014. Much of my work is rooted in my experiences with scientific devices and vast natural settings as a member of the United States Antarctic Program where I worked in science support from 2008-2010. This included a 13 month stay at the Geographic South Pole for Antarctic winter where I learned field medicine and taught watercolor classes to scientists and support personnel. I taught at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee from 2012-2014 and currently I teach at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Matthew will be in the studio from September - May.

Cynthia Lorenz

For me, my art has been an invaluable vehicle for personal growth and healing, not just a commodity or a way to make a living. I addition to making art, I am an elementary and middle school art teacher. I am also currently in the Master’s Degree program in Art Therapy at Mount Mary University.

Cynthia will be in the studio June - August.

Irene Taylor

I have worked my entire career in the graphic arts field. I am now retired and teaching part time. As a life-long professional in graphic arts, I would like to extend my experience to younger artists. I would like them to hear about possibilities of work in this field and how you can marry commercial graphic work with fine art expression. I hold an Associate Degree in Commercial Art, a Bachelor’s Degree in Adult Education, a Master’s Degree in Training, and a Certificate in Web Design.

Irene will be involved in special projects throughout the year.

Angela Young

With my work, I am interested in the body-self relationship and its relationship to the natural world. I participated in sports from ice hockey to triathlons, yet struggled with issues of self-conception and physical appearance. The constant discipline and determination of being an athlete is similar to the way I approach art making. Both are self-directed, repetitive, and meditative forms of creating: both construct the person I want to be and portray the parts I want people to see. I am a recent graduate from the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University with a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Printmaking with a strong emphasis in drawing. I am currently an Associate Lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls for the Fall Semester 2014 and Spring Semester 2015 in the area of Printmaking.

Angela will be in the studio from June - August.
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