Over 25 participating artists from Madison, Milwaukee, Sheboygan
and Ozaukee county as well as Stoddard, Wisconsin have contributed to this show
. One artist
created a series of portraits of people who fish at the Port Washington marina daily.  

Exhibition runs through September 2, 2012

Samuel Benavides | Tom Dent | Patrick Doughman
Lesley Etters | Julie Frothingham | Veronica Jayne Gagliano
Shirley Gruen | Robert Hagen | John Kubowicz
Dan Laurence | Claudette Lee-Roseland | Gina Litherland
Dale Van Minsel | Martin Morante | Becca Mulenburg
Katie Musolff | Sandra Pape | Lou Probst
Hal Rammel | Valorie Scheicher | Kelly Thorn Dulka
Andy Schumann | Janice Walczak | Amy and Pat Otis Wilborn
Cynthia Lorenz | Chuck Whitehouse


Photos © Port Photos 2012 by Dan Laurence

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