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Familiar Strangers:
The Street Photography by Scott Symes

at Studio 224 thru January 7, 2017

Photos from our Opening Reception
October 28, 2016

"For me, photography is all about capturing real, uncensored moments of life. Getting lost on the streets; letting the rest of life fall away and being in touch with the space and people around me. Watching for the spontaneous moments of beauty, humor, humanity.

I have been photographing at varying levels for over 30 years. With no formal photographic education, the majority of my learning has been self-taught, through trial and error, and observations taken from the work of amateurs and masters alike. My subject matter and style have evolved over those years. I have used a variety of cameras and I am most comfortable with small rangefinder, film and digital cameras. Their simplicity and unassuming look best fit my way of working. When I am at my best however, I consider very little other than the happenings around me and the camera itself becomes nearly transparent." – Visit Scott's website for more information