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Lynne Bergschultz
Ed Dy
Madalyn Manzeck
Kim Rae Nugent
Tony Rajer
Rudy Rotter
Tori Tasch


Images from our Opening Reception

by Barbara Olson

This exhibition runs thru March 3, 2018

WORKSHOPS • 10am-noon
($10 fee for each workshop)

Journal as Creative Process by Kim Rae Nugent
Saturday, March 3
Kim’s workshop will feature her journal starter series and collage techniques. Participants will have the opportunity to explore building images from existing images, and creating layers of images using collage techniques.

Journal as Narrative by Tori Tasch
Saturday, January 27
Tori’s workshop explored ways to develop your own personal narrative by experimenting with image transfer techniques that you can do at home and how to layer images to create layers of meaning.

Journal Memento Books by Lynne Bergschultz
Saturday, February 17
Lynne’s workshop showed how to create two relatively easy journals. One with pockets for storing mementos, and the other was an easy folding technique for creating a small intimate journal.

Pay March 3rd Workshop fee below.



On Fridays, Cynthia Lorenz will lead a series of journal exercises
that include drawing using relaxation and meditation techniques,
seeing line as contour, mandala exploration, layering images
and ideas to create meaning, and exploring personal symbols.

February 23 Layering for Meaning
March 2 Mandalas Revisited
January 26 –
Exploring Mandalas
February 2 Line as Contour
February 9 Automatic Drawing
February 16 Creating Personal Symbols

Pay $25 fee here, which includes all six sessions,
a journal and drawing pen.

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